About Big Bother

Big Bother is the latest in reality web TV. Sixteen contestants from all walks of life have been chosen to
live together for six weeks. At the end of each week, the housemates will vote to evict their fellow
contestants out of the Big Bother house. Also each week, one housemate will receive eviction immunity
by winning a Big Bother challenge. The final contestant standing will be declared The Biggest Bother.

Big Bother Bulletins

NEW! Jamie McMahon's webseries, "Absolution"
Jamie McMahon, BB's Ninkumbell, is in another webseries entitled Absolution. See her in the trailer now, and in the series soon.

Netflix Nick Read in "Slaughter Studios"
 Nicolas Read, BB's "Doctor" and the voice of "Crummy Monster," can be added to your Netflix queue.
Check out his horror film, Slaughter Studios.

Jen Ludden has been "Outsourced"
Jen Ludden, BB's Nurse, as well as the face behind many of the masks, has a new comedy out about being Outsourced.

 Ray Schemel's Horror: "Satan's Bed"
Ray Schemel, BB's Farf Infader, has a new horror mockumentary out about the nightmares attributed to Satan's Bed.

Jim Marchert's 4 Movies Premiere
 Jim Marchert, who will be playing a housemate's father in a future episode,
has several films premiering this season: Dog Jack, Fancypants, Woman's Prison and Marlin.

Mike Hart & "The Crew" Launch Season 2

Mike Hart, the voice of Botticelli, returns to "The Crew," a space comedy whose new second season is sponsored by video site Babelgum.com.

 Big Bother Exceeds 10,000 Views!
Thanx to all of our fans for helping us reach 10,000 views in under 3 months! Now, let's reach 20,000 views in the next 2 months!

 Joelle Arqueros' Show & Book on the Move
"Sex, Relationships & Love," by Joelle Arqueros, BB's Mermalade, is now running in Toronto and New York. Catch it in L.A. every Sunday, or buy the book.

 David August on Jimmy Kimmel
David August, the voice of BB's Hooby Yoo, was recently featured in a PSA as well as on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
He also stars in the family webseries Ghost Town.

  BB Lends Advice to "B.J. Fletcher"
Rochelle Dancel, creator of web series "B.J. Fletcher - Private Eye," (currently in TV development) incorporated BB's  input in their TubeFilter article.

  Nathan Baker on L.A. Radio
Listen to Nathan Baker, BB's Prince Charmin, in the sketch "Beer Summit 911" from KABC's "McIntyre in the Morning."

 Tony Janning at ComiCon
Tony Janning, the voice of BB's Lou Dog and star of the webseries The Legend Of Neil, was a WebTV panelist at ComiCon in San Diego.

 BB in TubeFilter News
WebTV's premiere publication featured BB June 20th.

 BB Premiere Party
Cast, crew and fans  had a rare viewing of BB episodes on the big screen June 27th.

 BB Goes Live!
BB debuted on June 18th. Tell your friends about us! Click here for more ways to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I buy the BB t-shirt?

What's a web series?

A web series is a collection of very short films (webisodes) produced exclusively for 
the Internet. Examples include: 305 | The Guild | Deserted | Ghost Town | Gold | 
Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog | Pesky Pike | Heroes: Destiny | Childrens' Hospital | 
The Legend of Neil | Battlestar Galactica: F.O.T.E. | The Crew | The Office: The Outburst

How did BB begin?

Learn all about how BB began on our Bblog.

If the series takes place over six weeks, 
how can 16 housemates be voted out in time to declare 1 winner?

We don't do good math. Also, more than one housemate may be voted out each week (Also also -- spoiler alert -- some housemates may leave feet first).

I can't get enough of BB. Where else can I follow it?

You can link to BB's Facebook, MySpace and Twitter sites on our Be-a-Bother page. 

My son or daughter adores these characters, but BB is inappropriate 
for my son or daughter's age. What's a mother or father to do?

Fear not. View the family friendly version at Big Bother: Family Edition.

How often can I watch the web series?

A new episode of BB is webcast every Thursday. 

Who are the talented cast and crew who made this possible?

See our Housemates page to learn who's behind the masks and the cameras.

How can I contribute to BB?

See our 
Be-A-Bother page to learn how you can support BB.

I'm a studio executive with the legal rights to one or more 
characters very similar to those in BB. Who should I sue?

The Government of Antigua.

Big Bother

Big Bother is dedicated to Anne Marie Marchert (right) whom we lost during production, but guided us through to the end.
Happy 60th Birthday!
  Dumper Entertainment

Dumper Entertainment is dedicated to Jim Marchert (left). Our goal is simple -- to produce entertaining movies, large and small.
Happy 65th Birthday!

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3 best ways to "Bother" us:

  1. E-mail: Justin@BigBotherShow.com
  2. Facebook message: //www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000471098961
  3. YouTube message: //www.youtube.com/user/BigBotherShow

Since every BB episode on every video website has a comment area, there are 100s of possible places to comment. But the best places to get your comments seen, replied to and to get a dialogue started are here:

  1. Facebook page comments: //www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Bother/285743879672?ref=mf
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  3. BBlog comments: http://bigbothershow.blogspot.com/2010/04/streamy-winners-4-webseries-that-took.html#comments
Support BB

We know just what you're asking at this point: "How can I Be-A-Bother?" 
Funny you should ask. There are ways you can Be-A-Bother:

  1. Watch Big Bother and tell all of your friends about it. If you e-mail 100 people, and each of them e-mails 100 people, and each of them e-mails 100 people, that's ... many people. It's actually 1,000,000 viewers we could have in all of 10 minutes. Click here for a complete list of video sites that host BB. You can also join our e-mail list or follow BB on: 

  2. Merchandising! We're currently designing the Big Bother clothing line that will soon be available on the website. So, now is an excellent time toe-mail your suggestions: BB t-shirts, BB ball caps, BB hoodies, BB bullet bras, etc.
  3. Donate to Big Bother. Financing an indie web series isn't easy, so we're very grateful to our donors and sponsors. We'll even thank the most generous donations in the credits. E-mail Justin to learn more.
 BB video websites

The most important website we're looking for hits on is Break.com
Below are many other video sites where you can view BB and other great shows.

 DailyMotion.com      Vimeo.com
Blip.tv  FunnyOrDie.com


Who will be the first housemate evicted?
Crummy Monster
Farf Infader
Hooby Yoo
Inky Twink
Jew Bear
Kiki Bonjour
Lou Dog
Olly Up
Prince Charmin
You may cast one vote per day.

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